Recovery of arrears in communities


At Ábaco Administrations we have developed a new formula to recover the debts in the communities we already manage in the province of Malaga, free of charge with high and fantastic results, through private agreements between the Administration and the long-term debtors of the community.

Steps to follow:

  1. Analysis of debt.
  2. Meeting in our offices or in the community itself.
  3. Reaching a private agreement between the Administration and the debtor, by which, he agrees to pay a fixed monthly fee, depending of the family economic situation, allowing a monthly payment and reduce the outstanding balance.
  4. In case of non-compliance with this agreement, it will be sent to court in order to claim the total outstanding debt.

* We have already reached several agreements with long-term debtors in the communities managed by Ábaco Administraciones and in some cases more than 40% of the debt has been recovered. With this method the communities recover part of their debt totally free of charge and shorten the deadlines of the claims sent to court.

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